A blind dog spent 8 days unsuccessfully looking for a home: how the journey of the sightless Labrador concluded


Many of us are attached to our pets , dogs or cats as we are to our family members. And when happens that family pets disappear, they experience the whole gamut of unpleasant emotions, as if a person dear to their hearts has disappeared. The Cole family was not fortunate enough to pass this ordeal. Their old and sick dog, Sage, disappeared after a walk.

Where’s Sage?

The whole family went for a walk in a small forest not far from the house that ill-fated day. It was in Boulder Creek, California. The Coles took Sage with them. Even though the 12-year-old Labrador retriever went completely blind a few years ago, she was still able to enjoy nature with her other senses. Therefore, she was happy to accompany her family everywhere.

After a long walk and returning home, Beth Cole went to cook dinner when one of the children joined her. My father got a call from work, and he was distracted by a long conversation. In the end, everyone forgot about Sage, and she was left on the street.

No one locked her in the house, as usual. Therefore, the Labrador decided to take advantage of the moment and walk a little more. But she didn’t take into account that she was unlikely to be able to find her way back.

During lunch, Beth asked, “Where’s Sage?”, Sage usually hung around the table. Everyone was shocked and rushed to look for it. But Sage wasn’t anywhere in the vicinity.

The search dragged on

Beth Cole and her family were joined by neighbors. Everyone knew the kind, affectionate Sage. Splitting up, they walked around the neighborhood, calling for the pet, but to no avail. The men returned home around midnight, and the search continued the next day.

The children were upset. Everyone felt guilty for forgetting to get Sage into the house. The father of the family was inclined to believe that Sage could be attacked by predators, of which there are many in the forest. Five days passed, six, seven, eight. With each new number, hope faded. But the family continued to put up leaflets and go to the forest.

Did someone throw garbage in the woods?

One day, Dan Estrada, one of the neighbors of the Cole family, and his friend Vincent decided to go for a walk in the woods. They took Dan’s dogs, Barnabas and Kel, with them. While chatting and taking a leisurely stroll, the friends noticed something unusual on a steep slope by the stream.

Dan angrily informed his friend that someone had dumped garbage in the woods and had gone to see the extent of the pollution. How surprised he was when the supposed “bag” moved.

Dan was so excited about his find that he literally kissed Sage.

“Has the old lady been found?” he shouted to Vincent.

Sage was as pleased to see her as Dan. The poor man hadn’t eaten anything at all for eight days, but luckily he came across a stream and could at least drink water.

Barnabas and Kel ran up to them. They already knew Sage and had walked with her several times before the incident.

The Way Home

Sage struggled to her feet, but could barely move. She was very weak, having spent these days on the cold ground, and even without food. Dan hoisted her onto his shoulders and began to climb up the slope to make his way home.

Vincent had already called Beth Cole and made her happy. Dan told Beth that they would bring Sage, but neither Bat nor the children could wait that long. They immediately drove into the forest and met the neighbors along with the missing pet.

The whole family was in tears, but this time they were tears of joy. Sage licked everyone and wagged her tail sluggishly.

Fortunately, she was not injured at all. I’m just hungry and tired of looking for my way home in vain.

A bounty was announced by the Cole family for finding Sage. But Dan gave it up, in favor of a local animal shelter, where help is always needed.

Now Beth personally checks where her pet is, because, as a rule, if everyone is watching, then no one is watching.

Have you ever lost your pets? Did it all end well? Please write in the comments.

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