Two noses and many problems: why the rare puppy from the kennel isn’t getting adopted


No living creature is immune to genetic disorders. Among dogs, mutations occur more often in purebred individuals. About 2% of mongrels can suffer from genetic diseases. Whereas 40% of purebred dogs are recessive carriers. Moreover, many diseases are tied to a certain breed.

There are pathologies that a veterinarian can notice at the level of embryo development, and there are those that manifest themselves only after birth. The latter include cleft palate, a disorder in which the muzzle does not look right, the upper palate is split, and the opening connects the mouth and nose.

Cleft palate can look different. A puppy from Surrey (Great Britain) can be said to be “lucky”. Due to the above defect, he has two noses at once.

Does not grow

An unusual baby was born to a border collie breeder Jessica Wheatley. She has been raising this breed for over 14 years and this is the first time she has come across such an unusual disease.

At the same time, the woman decided not to leave the puppy to the mercy of fate. Noticing that he didn’t look like everyone else and was slowly gaining weight, she took the poor thing to the veterinarian. At the veterinary clinic, she was told that the pathology did not allow the puppy to eat normally. He simply cannot drink milk on his own, due to the peculiarities of the structure of the upper palate.

His two brothers and four sisters were also present at the examination, just in case. They turned out to be all right. Jessica decided to take the feeding and raising of the puppy into her own hands. She and her eldest daughter, Katie, set an alarm clock and fed it with a pipette every two hours.

Piggy puppy

Jessica noticed that Pooey’s nose looked like a piglet from the moment he was born. It was pink with a hollow between its nostrils. After a few days, the black pigment appeared, and the shape became even more pronounced. Even a puppy’s teeth grow in a completely different way than other dogs.

Since they spent the most time with this puppy, they loved him more than the others. Jessica says that not only does he have two noses, but he has a very special personality.

He is super curious and active.

Interestingly, Pui was also used to humans more than his own mother. When all the puppies run to Willow’s border collie, he runs to Jessica or Katie. Together with her daughters, Jessica decided to name the baby Pui (“officially” Pua). After all, his resemblance to the character from Moana, the piglet Pua, is simply striking. The piglet, the color, the character, everything coincided. Jessica says that all of his siblings have already been booked by the new owners, but no one wants to take Pooy, even for free.

But that’s not a problem at all, he’ll just stay with his mom.

The baby is sterilized. The doctors offered to surgically eliminate the defect of the muzzle. The surgery will be more aesthetic than curative, and Jessica believes that it is better to refuse.

Is double nose good?

In Bolivia, it is believed that dogs with a double nose are the best helpers in hunting, because they have a better sense of smells. It was there that a new breed was “born”, which, however, has not yet been registered. They are small hounds, weighing up to 15 kg, very nimble, active and in good health. The breed was named Two-Nosed Andean Tiger Hounds, and so far you can buy them only in one area of Bolivia.

And if there are buyers, it means that the breed will spread quickly.

Some owners who have become the proud owner of a puppy with a double nose say that it is not easy for them to raise. Andean hounds are too unruly and freedom-loving. Apparently, their place is closer to nature, where they can run after game for hunters.

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