“The crying infant quickly became calm”: an orphan lamb felt comforted in the hug of a shelter cat


Animal rights activists are amazing people who give their all to help an animal in trouble. However, the help of volunteers does not always have a positive effect. Sometimes salvation comes from a completely unexpected side. And this story is direct proof of that.

“It didn’t work out” from the very beginning

A lamb named Charlie can be said to have been unlucky right away at birth. Charlie’s mother died in childbirth, and the farmer miswired his tail. An interesting fact is that lambs are born with long tails, but for cleanliness, they are usually trimmed on the 5-6th day.

But Charlie’s troubles didn’t stop there. The farmer felt he couldn’t take care of the newborn lamb and chose to sell it. On the one hand, the man can be understood – he had several dozen sheep on his farm, and all of them need to be taken care of, and Charlie became problematic.

To save the lamb, they had to resort to a trick

Luckily for the little lamb, volunteers from the Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary saw the ad and immediately contacted the farmer to pick up Charlie. However, the man behaved strangely and refused to hand over the newborn lamb to the shelter. However, according to the head of the organization, Carla Reilly Moore: this was quite natural. The woman assures that farmers do not want to give animals to shelters, because then the unpleasant truth about keeping them on farms comes out.

The activists understood that if Charlie was not taken from the farm, he would die, and they could not allow this to happen. After the farmer refused, Carla did not use a trick: volunteers contacted the uncooperative farmer via the Internet, introduced themselves as ordinary buyers and took Charlie.

How many problems can one baby have?

When the lamb was brought to the shelter and handed over to the veterinarians for examination, everyone was shocked by its state of health. In addition to the aforementioned problem with the tail, the reproductive system, it turned out that Charlie suffers from severe indigestion. According to doctors, this is a serious disease that can lead to the death of a baby lamb. In addition, the lamb was very weak because it did not receive its mother’s milk. And what the farmer fed him remained unknown.

Veterinarians and shelter staff went to great lengths to save Charlie. The lamb was sent for surgery to fix the problem. After the surgery, Charlie was put on several IV drips with vitamins and antibiotics. Now we had to wait and hope that the lamb’s body would cope.

Unexpected Help

While the shelter staff were running and fussing around the baby, another resident of the shelter – a young cat named Dora – was quietly sitting on the sidelines. She, like Charlie, had once been rescued and taken from the cold streets of the city and now lived here. The cat watched the lamb intently, expressing curiosity with all her appearance.

At some point, Dora couldn’t stand it anymore and approached Charlie. The cat softly sniffed the lamb and took it in her arms. The baby, crying in pain, instantly calmed down. People who watched this scene were not a little surprised by this turn of events.

They became best friends

After that, Dora became Charlie’s constant companion. When the lamb was taken away for the next procedure, the cat patiently waited for its return right at the door of the office, where her friend was. Gradually, Charlie and Dora began to spend more and more time together, and when the baby fully recovered, they began to play, wrestle and butt each other’s foreheads in a friendly way.

Charlie became very attached to his furry girlfriend and bleated pitifully if she wasn’t around. This incident is very reminiscent of the story of friendship between a swan and a man, because the bird is always very sad if its two-legged friend is not nearby.


The staff of the shelter decided not to separate the friends. Now the lamb and the cat will always be there.

In Carla’s words:

Such a strong emotional bond could not be broken.

So Charlie and Dora found their new home. They were owned by Carla and her husband. When the woman’s daughter was born, these two friends came to the child’s crib every day and sat for a long time looking at her. At the same time, neither Dora nor Charlie tried not to make noise so as not to wake the baby.

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