A hungry little cat clung to the leg of a woman passing by: what became of the homeless kitten asking for aid


A resident of Montreal was once returning home from work and, walking down the alley, came across a kitten that was meowing loudly and plaintively. When she came closer to the baby, he immediately grabbed the woman’s trouser leg and asked for help with all his appearance. The tramp was covered in a thick layer of mud and appeared to be hungry. The Canadian couldn’t take the kitten home, but she couldn’t leave it outside either. The mother cat was nowhere to be seen.

Then the woman decided to take the dirty fur ball to the local rescue service “Chatons Orphelins Montréal”.

Little Dirty Girl

The staff of the institution immediately sent the kitten to the veterinarian, who did not find any serious diseases, but noted that the poor thing was too thin (yes, it turned out to be a girl) and it would be nice to feed her.

Volunteers began to bathe the kitty. Gradually, a gray-white fluffy appeared from under a layer of dirt and dust. However, at the same time, three basins of warm water had to be changed.

All this time the kitten was desperately trying to wriggle out of people’s hands, as he clearly did not like the water. At the same time, the baby squeaked heartily. After taking water procedures, she was wiped dry with a soft heated towel and, finally, carried to feed.

Once you’ve eaten, you can sleep!

When the cat saw the bottle of milk, she immediately grabbed it. Apparently, the mother cat abandoned her or was in trouble, and the baby could not get food.

The little tramp was given an unusual nickname – Pastille, because of the fact that her fur was very thick, soft and delicate.

The lozenge, having “washed” half of the bottle, fell asleep, not letting the pacifier out of her teeth. The volunteers laughed and left her to rest, while they went in search of a house where Pastille would be sheltered before new owners were found for her. Luckily, they knew one woman who had always helped the organization. An unusual cat named Marsha already lived in her house. The woman agreed to receive the new little guest, and on the same day Pastille moved to her own, albeit temporary, but still house.

This grandmother won’t knit your socks, but she will teach you a lot

When she arrived, Pastille was a little shy. But when 16-year-old Marsha came out to her with a majestic step, the little girl immediately understood that she would be welcome here. From that moment on, Pastille’s whole life changed, because now she was looked after by an old experienced cat.

From the first minute, the little girl became attached to the cat and followed it like a shadow. However, Marsha also adored small kittens. She, like a real grandmother, considered them her grandchildren.

Marsha licked and hugged all the little tramps she brought. She brought up and taught everyone how to behave in the house, what was allowed and what was not. And the kittens became attached to their “adoptive grandmother” Marsha.

If you’re going to copy it, it’s the best

The funny thing about this story was the fact that Pastille and Marsha are the same color: both are gray and white. The woman’s guests think they are related.

A kitten loves to sleep in the arms of an adult cat. In addition, Pastille began to copy the actions of her mentor.

Marsha goes to the litter box, the kitten repeats. Marsha goes to bed, Pastille puts her under her side and sleeps until “grandmother” wakes up.

However, kittens are small children who are interested in everything, so occasionally Pastille is mischievous. One day, she was found sitting proudly in a sneaker by the hostess. The kitten didn’t want to leave him until Marsha came and explained that it was better not to do that.

When Pastille is a couple of months old, she will move out of her grandmother Marsha to a new family that has already been found for her. Who knows if she will be bored or not, but Marsha will not be bored, because new “grandchildren” will be waiting for her. Such a funny and at the same time touching story happened in Montreal: Marsh’s adoptive grandmother raised and raised pastille.

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