Cyclist vs Ram: The man and the animal “clashed over the road” resulting in a race with an surprising conclusion


Man does not know the language of animals, so he often does not understand what this or that animal wants from him. This is what happened in this story, when a resident of Canada decided to ride a bicycle, but collided with a ram on the road, which decided to arrange a race with him.

Ram on the road

Keith Ailey lives in Canada and works in the IT field of computer technology, which as you know involves sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time and a sedentary lifestyle. Wanting to be more active, the man decided to bought a bicycle to ride when the opportunity presented itself.

As a result, the Canadian loved cycling so much that he began to ride around the neighborhood every weekend. At some point, he had the idea of driving around the local lake and then returning home. The path was not close and ran between local farms. But Keith wasn’t afraid of animals and decided that this route was right for him.

Ailey started from the federal highway that led to the first sheep farm. Keith was pedaling, admiring the surrounding scenery, but suddenly stopped abruptly – in the distance on the road he noticed a dark silhouette. Thinking that it was a bear, the man stood and waited for the mysterious beast to run away into the forest, but it did not think of leaving.

The cyclist decided to move on, hoping that the wild animal would be frightened itself. As Keith approached, he saw what kind of animal was blocking his way—it was a black ram with huge horns. The animal’s gaze did not bode well – it looked at the cyclist from under his brow with eyes that were bloodshot.

The whale was not frightened and slowly, trying not to make sudden movements, drove around the animal. However, as soon as he drove a few dozen meters away from the ram, he suddenly heard the clatter of hooves. The Canadian turned around and saw the animal running straight at him. After such a spectacle, the man began to pedal with all his strength, but the beast turned out to be the same sprinter and caught up with the cyclist.

Keith thought that everything that was happening should be filmed, because this was the first time such an incident had happened to him. In addition, he wanted to provide his friends with evidence, fearing that no one would believe him. Of course, the ram was moving at an incredible speed, catching up with the road bike. Holding the phone was extremely uncomfortable, but Ailey took a few photos while continuing to pedal hard.

An Unexpected Ending

However, the race did not last long – a truck was driving towards Keith. The driver turned to the side to pass the cyclist and the sheep. The beast did not like this: it stopped abruptly, turned around and chased the car, and the cyclist, exhaling, continued to move along the route. A few days later, the Canadian learned from colleagues that the animal had escaped from a farm nearby.

The man decided to go to the farm where he met the family that owns the sheep. It turned out that he had a nickname – Ozzy, and he ran away just as Keith was passing by.

Ailey told the farmer the story of their meeting, to which the landlord laughed. According to him, the lamb is very friendly, although it looks formidable.

After that, the cyclist met up with his pursuer. Ozzy seemed to recognize him and began to rub himself against Keith, exposing his head to be petted. Since then, Ailey has been constantly stopping by her horned friend’s house when she’s going for a bike ride and bringing him various treats.

That’s how they became good friends and sometimes go for a walk when a man passes by. However, friendship between man and animal is not uncommon. For example, this brave man made friends with a crocodile.

Have you ever met an animal on your way that you were clearly not happy with? Maybe they wanted to be friends too? Write your answers in the comments.

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