A family adopted a stray dog: he “repaid” them unexpectedly by saving a child


A dog is not only a friend of a person, but also a reliable protector, and in some cases also a rescuer. In this short text you will meet a dog named Max, who was sheltered by a family, and he saved their child.

Max’s Difficult Childhood

Max is a cross between a Stafford and a Bulldog and, it would seem, this dangerous “mix” of two fighting breeds should be very vicious. However, breaking all stereotypes, Max has always been quite friendly. But despite this, his former owners decided that they didn’t need him and just threw the dog out on the street when he was still a puppy. This is how Max would have lived on the streets of an Australian town, but he was lucky – the Osborne family found him.

At first, the relationship between the dog and humans did not work out – Max did not really trust people, because he remembered that these two-legged creatures had once betrayed him. Therefore, he tried to stay somewhere in the corner and not to be seen unnecessarily. In addition, the dog did not really like to be petted. He simply did not understand this “ritual” as he had not been spoiled by affection as a child. But most of all, he didn’t like walking. Apparently, Max thought they wanted to leave him on the street again.

The Ice Is Melted

However, Rob and Jamie Osbourne did not rush the dog, and gradually he began to get used to them on her own. Max began to allow himself to be squeezed and stroked, and always smiled back. Most of all, however, he loved Rob and Jamie’s son, an 11-year-old boy named Nev. However, the child also quickly became friends with the dog. They played together, ran together, and at night Max climbed on Nev’s bed and slept at his feet.

After some time, the Osborne family decided to move to the city of Port Noarlung because Nev’s parents loved sea travel.

The Osbornes were constantly kayaking, surfboarding, and Rob was scuba diving. Therefore, the coastal town became their new home.

The dog also loved outdoor activities

To everyone’s surprise, the dog also got into an active lifestyle. Max loved splashing in the water and even learned to dive. However, it was difficult for the dog to stay on the waves for a long time, and the head of the family, Rob, bought a special life jacket for dogs for him.

So, Max became a real mascot on the beach. All surfers knew him, and it was not uncommon to see them playing with a dog while waiting for the waves. Pesel didn’t mind – Max was already used to people and had learned to trust them. However, most of all, the pet became attached to the Neva and often accompanied him to the beach.

A terrible thing almost happened

One hot and sunny January day (Australia, after all), Rob went surfing with Nev and, of course, Max. On the radio, they promised a good wave. The man was looking forward to a fun ride.

Arriving at the coast, Rob saw the approaching waves and, leaving Nev with the dog, went for a ride. At the same time, he strictly forbade his son to go deep into the water. But who could keep a boy who was an excellent swimmer and diver? Of course, Nev got into the water, and Max did not lag behind. Everything was going wonderfully – the child swam farther and farther from the shore and laughed happily, because the dog did not want to swim to the depths.

However, at some point, things changed dramatically. First, the wind that began to blow from the shore changed. But the most terrible thing was that the current began to carry the Neva into the open ocean. The boy tried to swim against the current, but fighting against the ocean is a futile exercise. Rob, who was surfing, saw this, but he couldn’t help his son because he was too far away.

The father shouted to his son to swim along the shore, gradually rowing out of the current, but Nev did not hear him.

A brave and brave dog

In a panic, Rob spotted Max, who was jumping restlessly on the shore. The man shouted at his son with all his might to call the dog. This time, fortunately, Nev heard his father. The boy called out to Max, and he immediately jumped into the water. The dog quickly got to his little master and held up a vest for him to grab hold of. After that, the dog swam to the shore, but not against the current, but along it, as the Neva should have done. It is quite possible that such a dog could help a sperm whale, as divers from the same Australia did.

In just a few minutes, Nev and Max were safe on shore. However, Max’s rest did not last long – his girlfriend Neva was in the water and the dog, following the command of his owners, threw himself into the water again. Everything ended happily, and the girl was also taken to shore.

After that, Max became a real hero – everyone praised him, squeezed him, stroked him and treated him with various delicacies. However, the dog most likely did not understand that he was a hero, but he definitely began to “smile” more often. Luckily, this story ended well and all thanks to one dog that was once picked up on the street.

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