The world’s smallest dog became a donor for 49 clones: how the 10-centimeter cutie amazed scientists


Not every animal can get into the Guinness Book of World Records. But a Chihuahua named Miraculous Millie got there as many as three times, which in itself is almost a record. At first, she was recognized as the smallest puppy born alive and healthy. Then the tiniest dog alive today. And, finally, she broke the third record thanks to South Korean scientists. It is now the most cloned dog in the world.

Is it a puppy?

Miraculous Millie took her first breath in Puerto Rico in December 2011. Her siblings were also “standard” for the Chihuahua. But Millie weighed only 28.35 grams, and a tablespoon could serve as her cradle.

Veterinarians, of course, were quick to assure the owners that such a baby was not a tenant. However, Millie survived, and managed without assistance, feeding on her mother’s milk on her own, without any complementary foods or feeding from a pipette. She felt great and was an active, little button.

There are tiny dogs, and there are huge ones and it is more difficult for them to fit in an apartment. This dog was almost euthanized because of its size.

After the puppies grew up, they were sold. Millie was no exception and went to Florida with her new owner. Everyone there was amazed by her diminutiveness and resilient character.

Do you think that the dog is 10 cm tall and weighs 544 grams was afraid of someone? Be that as it may! Millie is always ready to bark at anyone who approaches her owner, or even rush into battle.

Such a baby is absolutely healthy

South Korea’s Soaam Genetics Laboratory took an interest in Millie after seeing her in the record books. Scientists really wanted to know what caused such diminutiveness. Maybe it was some kind of genetic peculiarity?

Scientists appealed to the owner with a request to give the opportunity to clone the baby. On the condition that the owner Vanessa Semler will also get a copy, because she just adores the Wonderful Millie.

The dog was once again carefully checked by veterinarians for any diseases. Millie was perfectly healthy. After that, genetic material was taken from her. The dog took all the procedures calmly. The hostess was present during the interventions to make her feel calmer.

Overdone, it seems,

Researchers from South Korea promised Vanessa only one copy, and planned to keep nine for themselves. But when Millie’s genetic material was inserted into donor cells and implanted into their carriers, it turned out that all the embryos had taken root. As a result, 49 copies of Miraculous Millie were looked at by the owner and scientists. That’s where the miracle really is!

Vanessa was allowed to take as many dogs as she wanted. The girl took not one, but twelve with her. She didn’t sell or donate any of the small copies, they all live in her home in Florida. The clones were named Mimi, Mini, Moni, Mela, Mulan, Mila, Mumu, Melly, Malley, Mully, Molly, and Mary.


I wonder how she distinguishes them all, and if the dogs have remembered their names. In any case, Vanessa has fulfilled the dream of anyone who adores their pet.

Together with Korean scientists, researchers from the Beijing Institute of Genomics will study the clones. In the end, it is necessary to find out why Miraculous Millie is so tiny, does not suffer from diseases, and even her genetic material is extremely “survivable”.

In cloning, the scientists were going to correct the genetic errors of the original individual, but they didn’t have to do anything, Millie’s cells turned out to be “correct”. However, this possibility, in the presence of abnormalities, will make it possible to correct any genetic deviations from the norm, including in humans.

Millie gave birth to several puppies, all of them small, but only Pearl could match her in height. She also lives with Vanessa Semler. The woman says that she and Millie are similar in height and habits. They love attention. She looks insanely proud when everyone at the exhibitions tries to take pictures of her.

Many people want a clone of Millie, but this is not yet possible.

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