The rescued doe and the family dog have been best friends for more than 10 years and are raising their babies together


Nature is full of cases where animals of different kinds begin to care for each other, creating surprising friendships. This article will tell you about one amazing story – a dog and a llama becoming best friends and inseparable.

Fallow deer dog companion

Once upon a time, the mother of a small fallow deer was hit by a car, and one family decided to help the orphaned animal. However, the matter was complicated by the fact that people did not want the fallow deer to become very attached to them, because over time they planned to bring it back to the forest. Nevertheless, the animal received the nickname “Button” and began to gain strength under the supervision of new owners.

Most of all, the family’s dog, Gee-Bro, was pleased with the appearance of “Button”. True, at first, the doe did not really trust the dog, but over time, these two became so close that now they cannot live without each other. When mutual sympathy grew into friendship, the dog ran every day to the enclosure where the forest guest lived.

A few months later, G-Bro and “Button” were running around the lawn, playfully wrestling and playing. Their mutual trust grew so much that they even began to lick each other’s fur. When the time came to release the forest animal into the wild, the doe refused to leave and came closer to the dog, indicating that he would stay with it.

One morning, the dog excitedly ran into the yard but found that “Button” was gone. Worried, G-Bro looked everywhere and called for his friend, but unfortunately got no reply. The family also tried to help find the missing “Button” doe, but they couldn’t find her no matter how hard they tried.

After that, the dog became very sad, stopped eating, and just lay on the porch, hoping for a miracle.

An Unexpected Return

A few months later, G-Bro ran out into the yard again and saw “Button”. The doe stood on the lawn as if nothing had happened, looking at the dog. With a squeal of joy, the dog rushed to his missing girlfriend, and she jumped merrily around him. The dog’s owners came out to the noise, who were also surprised by the return of the doe. Later it turned out that she left home for a reason.

When the first joy of the meeting had passed, “Button” slowly walked to the farthest corner of the site, inviting the people and the dog to follow him. The doe kept stopping and turning her head to make sure they were following her. She led everyone to a large bush and dived under its thick branches, where her offspring were.

G-Bro was the happiest of all. The dog cautiously approached the small doe and gently licked one of them on the small nose. After that, the kids surrounded the dog and began to play with him. When the fallow deer cubs grew up, they went into the woods, but “Button” was so used to living with the dog that she stayed.

In addition, the family in which the fallow deer grew up is very fond of various walks and hikes and often goes to the forest for a few days, and “Button” and the dog always keep them company. The happiest days for the couple are when winter comes and snow falls. We can only hope that the dog will not teach the doe to bark, as the dog Peggy did when he nursed the magpie.

When the family began to remember when they saved the little doe, they were amazed – 11 years had passed, and all this time “Button” had been friends with G-Bro. It seems that this is a real friendship, and not just mutual sympathy.

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