No one wants to adopt the old pit bull from the shelter, despite all its attempts to appeal to people


People often judge others by their appearance and are often wrong. Even pets are chosen by most people not because of their character, but because of their attractiveness. But what about those beasts that break out of the general standards? This is exactly the situation in which the old dog you will meet in this article found himself.

A Dog with a Complicated Fate

Wally the pit bull turned out to be on the street as a puppy. However, it is not clear whether his owners threw him away or whether he was already born homeless. When the dog arrived at a shelter in the town of Islip in the suburbs of New York, USA, veterinarians determined his age to be about 10 years old.

The pit bull had a severe skin infection, and one eye could no longer see – even surgery would not help to restore vision. Wally was one-eyed, emaciated, and sick. At least, that’s what his medical record said. Local volunteers refused to let the dog be put down, hoping to locate a new home for it, but they soon realized the situation was more complicated than anticipated.

Initially, it’s important to note that in the United States, regulations on breeds known for fighting are strictly implemented, with the Pit Bull being a prime example. Secondly, keeping such a pet is quite expensive, provided that it is regularly cared for. Therefore, no one wanted to take Wally – everyone believed that he was dangerous, angry, too old, and even with health problems.

According to shelter staff, Wally is an extremely kind, calm and loving dog. Even when he got to the kennel, he was never heard to bark loudly. He just sat in his enclosure and greeted everyone who walked by. Even though the pit bull grew up on the streets, he struggled to find a family.

Activists and animal rights activists tried to find a new home for the dog, but each time potential owners did not pay any attention to it. According to the staff, it was painful to watch, because Wally, despite his age, was active and cheerful: he jumped on the bars of the cage and stuck out his tongue trying to reach people. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

Hope for a Miracle

The only ones who always stayed with Wally were the staff of the orphanage. Paramedic Daniel Gorle, who walked the dog more often than others, said that the pit bull got worse while he was living in the cage. The animal fell into silence and retreated into itself, as though feeling betrayed by the indifferent people passing by, all while making every effort to draw their attention.

Previously, on walks, the dog ran, jumped, greeted everyone he met, but now it seems to have been replaced. He looks depressed and sad, as if he has resigned himself to the fact that he will never have loving owners. Volunteers continue to believe that someone will want to take Wally home.

Several people have already appeared, but so far there are no specifics from them. But pit bulls, despite their formidable appearance, can be very kind, and this representative of the breed is a vivid confirmation of this

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